“Race For The Moon”: Time Magazine, December 6, 1968

Time Magazine: Race For The Moon

In this cover a race is depicted between Russia, known as the Soviet Union at that time, and America during the Cold War Space Race from 1957-1975. The picture shows two astronauts. The American Astronaut is dressed in a gold suit; this is a subtle symbol for who is truly in front of the entire race. The Russian Astronaut is wearing a silver suit showing that they as a country are in second. In the photo the American astronaut is closer to the view, which portrays America as being bigger. Also a small observation can be seen by looking at the stride of the legs as it seems the American astronaut has a longer stride. Not only is the color of the suits just for who is in the lead of the overall prize of landing on the moon. The overall race involved space and battles between two of the worlds most dominant powers at odds for fighting what they believe in it. The conflict at the time makes me think about movies that surround the same thing, following the space races end in 1975 two years later the release of a movie portraying space battle came out. That movie was Star Wars. So for my project my interest in the space led me to the choice of knitting light sabers from the movie Star Wars.

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